Learn & Grow at Intrepid

Intrepid invests in our apprentices because we believe happy employees make a great company. 

Intrepid’s Apprentice Program is an immersive, full-time 12-week training program that spans several disciplines: Project Management, Experience Design, iOS, Android and Web development. The program offers recent grads and career-switchers an opportunity to bridge the knowledge gaps often found in traditional training and curricula. Our apprentices join the company with an eye towards full-time employment upon graduation. Unlike many programs, Intrepid apprentices are paid to learn, not the other way around.



The Apprentice program has been running since 2010. Since then, the program has evolved greatly with more than 150 graduates over the course of 12 seasons. Now, the program occurs four times a year, in January, April,  June and September.

The program began when we identified an opportunity in the market. New grads and those with long careers in software both came to Intrepid with solid fundamentals. The gap, however, centered around the newer languages and requirements - Objective-C (and more recently Swift), the Android SDK and mobile design. Equipped with a growing team that had already learned those new languages and trends, we realized we had an opportunity to share that knowledge. As we watched each new hire set out to learn their craft, we organized with a mission towards formalizing this education. The Apprentice Program was born, offering a curriculum and introduction to Intrepid best practices that can be easily passed on to new members of our team.    


What should I expect?

The Intrepid Apprentice program is a full-time job. For the first two weeks of the program, apprentices will learn fundamentals of mobile and Intrepid best practices. Using a curriculum we’ve developed in house and taught by our own staff, apprentices will attend lectures and hands-on workshops each morning followed by self-directed learning projects in the afternoon. Trainings can be either track-specific or across all tracks. There’s also an element of the Intrepid processes to help you learn our approach to agile development quickly.

After those two-weeks, apprentices are split into cross-functional teams to develop an app from scratch. A member of the Intrepid team acts as a client, conveying his or her idea for an app. Some starting materials are provided to help jumpstart each team. In addition, a project manager runs each project to ensure that each team will have a finished product in a short 5 weeks! All the while you’re supported by dedicated mentors who are on hand to answer questions, provide guidance and review your work.

In the final 5 weeks of the program, apprentices truly ‘apprentice.’ You’ll work under a designer or developer on his or her client project. In this section, apprentices will learn what it’s really like to work with clients and gain real-world experiences, identical to those of our team.

Full-time offers are extended in the final weeks of the program to qualified candidates.


What’s in it for me?

The apprentice program offers great benefits:

  • Hands on training from a world class team
  • Tremendous learning opportunities - learning agile processes, new development languages
  • Full-time job opportunities in Boston, Manhattan and Houston
  • New friends
  • Networking
  • Fun


How do I apply? 

To apply, please fill out our application on our careers page in the program of your choice. For designers, please include a portfolio and any projects with an eye towards mobile design. For developers, please include a link to your Github and any mobile projects if you have them.

While formal mobile projects are not required, any number of mini-projects will serve to elevate your candidacy and shows a high level of passion and self-directedness.

Qualified applicants will be contacted for interviews. Generally, an applicant can expect two phone screens, one non-technical and one technical, and one day of in-person interviews.

Each apprentice is fully committed to one of 5 tracks for the duration of the program: Project Management, iOS, Android, Web or Experience Design. No specific training in your track is required to earn a spot in the program.

We are now accepting applications for our 2018 classes. Our spring class begins April 9th, summer class kicks off June 6th and fall class begins September 12. Should those dates not work for you, we offer a limited number of off-cycle slots annually. The off-cycle apprentice program is more self-directed and includes a larger focus on traditional apprentice work, compared to our formal classes.


Questions? Contact Andrea Garvey - andrea@intrepid.io