Posted by Knar Bedian on Sep 28, 2016 4:47:29 PM

The Intrepid Podcast: where three product strategists help entrepreneurs by giving perspectives on design, business, and technology.

In episode three Jim, Stephen, and Justin talk with Matt Bridges, Intrepid's current CTO. Matt was also the founder of Timbre, a live music discovery app that was eventually sold to Ticketmaster. Matt tells us the story of Timbre's hackathon origin, and how it grew from a simple solution to a local musician's problem to a popular platform that encouraged discovering live music. 

Matt explains the reasoning behind key design and user experience decisions—from the importance of delaying friction points, to why genre filters were left out, to Timbre's unique concert feed. Below, listen in to hear the story of Timbre, and the strategies and considerations necessary for launching a successful music app:  

Building, designing, and releasing the Timbre app gave our team at Intrepid a lot of valuable experience in the media and entertainment industries. Since then, we've built apps for many clients, including the likes of WBUR and Newbury Comics. 

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