Episode 06: Dulcie Madden of Mimo

Posted by Knar Bedian on Jul 12, 2017 2:50:16 PM

In this episode, our panel chats with Dulcie Madden, Co-Founder and CEO of Rest Devices. Rest Devices is the company behind Mimo, a baby activity tracker created to show parents their baby's sleep activity and monitor their movement on their smartphone or tablet. Using sensors that pick up on pressure, moisture, and movement, Mimo helps parents get a better understanding of their baby's sleep patterns. 

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Topics: Design, Product Strategy, podcast

Episode 05: Cameron King and Trevor Metcalfe from Inphantry

Posted by Knar Bedian on Mar 9, 2017 1:14:43 PM

In this episode, our product strategists talk with Inphantry, an advertising and digital experience agency that specializes in creating memorable experiences for their clients.

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Topics: Design, Product Strategy, podcast

Episode 2: Jonathan Kim of Appcues

Posted by Knar Bedian on Jun 27, 2016 2:38:19 PM

The Intrepid Podcast returns with a new guest, Jonathan Kim, the founder of Appcues. Appcues is a code-free user onboarding software for software companies, so naturally the conversation centered around the impact of the onboarding on customer behavior and the user experience. Jim, Stephen, and Justin chat with Jonathan about "the business of empathy" and share examples of effective onboarding for both mobile and web. 

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Topics: Design, UX, Product Strategy, Onboarding

Episode 1: Robinson Greig from Ferris

Posted by Caroline Murphy on May 18, 2016 4:29:27 PM

In the first episode of the Intrepid Podcast, Jim, Stephen, and Justin talk to Robinson Greig, an entrepreneur based in Cambridge, MA. Robinson launched a service called "Ferris," a text-based social event curation AI product. Ferris had a quick rise and fall. We dive into different aspects of successes and failures with Ferris. 

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