Episode 05: Cameron King and Trevor Metcalfe from Inphantry

Posted by Knar Bedian on Mar 9, 2017 1:14:43 PM

In this episode, our product strategists talk with Inphantry, an advertising and digital experience agency that specializes in creating memorable experiences for their clients.

Cameron King, New Business Director, and Trevor Metcalfe, Associate Media Producer, share what it's like to work at an innovative company in Boston, and the types of experiences they build that larger agencies can't create.

They'll discuss augmented reailty and virtual reality projects they've taken on, and why VR's potential impact is greater than ever. We also talked about VR's ability to manipulate the product specifications of a space and transport the customer to a virtual location, and how the technology brings new possibilities to industries like interior design and real estate.  

Topics: Design, Product Strategy, podcast

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